Q. What the heck is IpfsCloud?

IpfsCloud aims to be an open, decentralized, anonymous and peer-to-peer marketplace for data storage on Ipfs. Right now, it is not decentralized in real sense. Of Course, we are working on that. Currently, it has 5 sections:
You can track our progress and contribute to the project on GitHub. It is a project under ClusterLabs, supported by TowardsBlockchain, a MIT CIC incubated Start up.

Q. How it works?

When you upload anything on the IpfsCloud, it is stored on a number of servers which are owned and controlled by community and us. These servers run a software that helps them to communicate with each other, similarily as your computer communicates with other computers when you use a torrent.
Later in the development, every user will have his/her own computer which will run the same software that runs on the servers. So, this will allow you to rent out your unused disk space to other users. This doesn't mean that the other people(who store your files) will be able to see your files on their computers(as it will be encrypted and distributed in such a way that the data on single users system cannot be used to retrieve the complete file; and if a few computers are loose your data, you can still get you complete data).

Q. Tell me more about IPFS.

You can find more about IPFS here. If you are more into videos then try this.

Q. What's up with the Google login?

For simplicity for early users, we provide Google login. So, we can access your email(chill out; we will not spam you), name and profile pic. We are planning to remove it soon with better Login methods which reflect our goals.

Q. What's Anonymous login?

If you are using somebody else's device, or just want to checkout IpfsCloud, then this is for you. But REMEMBER that if you logout or delete cookies for this website, then you will loose all the data for the Anonymous account.

Q. What can I store here?

Pretty much everything; Photos, videos, documents. As it is still in development phase, so please don't store anything that is important. Atleast, keep a copy with you.

Q. Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on a number of servers hosted by community and by us, which run IPFS software.

Q. How much data can I store?

Right now the platform will not block you after you have uploaded certain amout of data. But the storage is limited to a few hunderd GBs.

Q. For how long my data will be stored?

We try keep the data forever on the servers, until you try to delete it. But as the platform is in development phase, only upload files that are not important.

Q. How can I delete my data?

You can do that by deleting it using the delete button. BUT the data will not be deleted instantaneously. It can take from few minutes, hours or even days, depending upon how many servers have the data.

Q. Still have a question? Contact us here.

Mail us here: [email protected]