About IpfsDocs

Q. What the heck is IpfsDocs?

IpfsDocs is an document management and collaboration platform on Ipfs. You can create, edit and collaborate accross multiple devices and people seamlessly. IpfsDocs is powered by IpfsCloud, a project by ClusterLabs.

Q. How does it work?.

IpfsDocs uses Y.js as CRDT(Conflict-free replicated data type) and IpfsCloud for storing documents and mirroring your document when you edit them.

Q. Tell me more about IPFS.

You can find more about IPFS here. If you are more into videos then try this.

Q. Where are my documents stored?

Your data is stored on a number of servers hosted by community and by us, which run IPFS software.

Q. How many documents can I store?

Right now the platform will not block you after you have uploaded certain amout of data. But the storage is limited to a few hunderd GBs.

Q. For how long my documents will be stored?

We try keep the data forever on the servers, until you try to delete it. But as the platform is in development phase, only upload files that are not important.

Q. Where are my documents stored?.

Mail us here: [email protected]